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Straight line wire drawing machine designed and produced by Pingsheng has international advanced technical index and performance. Machines adopt many inventive patents and utility model patents in hardening and cooling technology for capstans. Machines are equipped with speed and stress sensors, which can achieve multi-item signal sampling to expand the function of intelligent detection of wire drawing machine. Straight line wire drawing can realize modern production line with the features of high total reduction rate, multi pass, low part reduction and high speed. The capstan diameter of this series of wire drawing machine is Φ350mm-Φ1200mm, the maximum inlet wire diameter is Φ16mm and the minimum wire diameter is Φ0.6mm. The straight line wire drawing machine includes many inventive patents and utility model patents, such as medium capstan cooling structure, die box tuning device, lubrication supply device, pressing wire and pressing wheel device, outlet wire straightening device, etc, which can guarantee easy and stable operation of wire drawing machine.


Straight line wire drawing machine is adopted AC variable-frequency control technology (or DC programmable control system). Machine has high automatic level, easy operation and high quality of drawing product.
Capstan is adopted narrow slit water cooling. Drawing dies is adopted direct water cooling, which has good cooling effect.
Machine uses first grade strong narrow V belt and hardened reducer to transmit, which has high transmission efficiency and low noise.
Machine uses fully enclosed protection system that has good security and working environment.
Machine uses gas tension to tune that cause to draw stably.
Error is less than 0.1%.The machine decelerates automatically and stops at fixed length. When wire is broken, machine will test and stop automatically. Any capstan is positive and negative point motion and left and right linkage. The machine will show all kinds of fault information and process information. Moving information is monitored.
The machine supports any mold fitting technology. Mould that is abraded is compensated automatically through tuning, which can prevent breaking wire. Besides, the machine is equipped with wire jumper device that can skip the capstan randomly to draw, which can adapt different technology. According to customers’ requirement, the machine can conduct remote monitoring and remote diagnosis on the basis of industrial Ethernet.  


[Technical Parameters]

Items Unit LZ9/1200-1000 LZ9/1000-800 LZ10/800(700) LZ10/600(560) LZ10/450(400) LZ5/560+9/450(400)
Capstan diameter mm 1200-1000 1000-800 800(700) 600(560) 400 560, 450, 400
Draw time time 9 9 10 10 10 14
Inlet diameter mm Φ14-Φ10 Φ10-Φ8 Φ9-Φ6.5 Φ6.5-Φ5.5 Φ14-8 Φ5.5
Outlet diameter mm Φ5-3Φ.5 Φ3.5-Φ2.8 Φ2.8-Φ2.0 Φ2.0-Φ1.7 Φ1-0.8 Φ0.8
Speed m/min 300 360 480 720 840 1680
Tensile strength Mpa ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤550
Total compressibility % 87.24 87.75 90.53 90.53 90.23 97.88
Average compressibility % 20.45 20.80 21.0 21.0 20.83 24.11
Single motor power Kw 110-75 90-45 75-37 37-22 15-7.5 22-15